What is Forex?

Simply put, it is an atm card to money if you have the right tools and mentor to show you how to access this $5 trilliion dollar forex market. Forex, also known as foreign exchange, FX or currency trading, is a decentralized global market where all the world’s currencies trade. The forex market is the largest, most liquid market in the world with an average daily trading volume exceeding $5 trillion. All the world’s combined stock markets don’t even come close to this. But what does that mean to you? Take a closer look at forex trading and you may find some exciting trading opportunities unavailable with other investments.

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What you get:

Here’s What You Get When You Join Today:

Simple Color Matching Algorithmic System.

Works On Any Time Frame.

Works On Any Currency, Stock, Indices, Metals, And Cryptocurrencies.

Mobile And Email Alert System.

Customizable “Smiley Faces”For Noise Cancelling Trend Filtering.

“Name Personalization” (Hit Refresh If Name Doesn’t Show in the Box).

Hot Zones = Zones Used For Confirmation Of Buying And Selling. They Also Act As A Suggested Stop Loss Area.



Been using Simplicity for over a week now and it's very easy to use. In one week I took 7 trades and won them all. This is a true game changer for my trading success.
Donna P.
“Wow” is all I can say about Simplicity. When they say that it is simple enough for kids. They meant it. Elen G. from Reno, NV
Elen G.
For the first time I made money. I lost trust in the Forex market and started to give Simplicity a try as my last ditch effort at Forex and now I understand why they say to save the best for last. Amazing 7 for 7 winners. Thank you Super Ez Forex. Noah J. Los Angeles, CA
Noah J.
The Smiley face system has me smiling every day. I now look forward to trading every week.
Jason K. Chicago, IL.
Jason K.
I just wanted to say I’m proud of you bro. I’m watching these people in the group who have clearly traded in frustration for a while now finding success through the group you created and the strategies you’ve put together is pretty cool. I’ve only experienced a few weeks of frustration trying to get the hang of things so I can only imagine what many of them have been through and lost. You’re helping folks and that’s pretty awesome!!! Keep it up buddy!
Pastor E.
Super EZ Forex–Pat’s system and telegram group are totally legit in every way. Has my highest recommendation. I’m a real customer, I am not an affiliate and I have zero vested interest if anyone purchases his program. Best $ I ever spent in my pursuit of successfully trading Forex.
Harvey G.
I’ve been having great success at growing my account. I started using Pat’s system since 1-2-19 and I’m so happy I found this system. What I will say is that you have to have patience but when least expect it you will be in profit and with a smile on your face. I lost too much money on lower time frame and other systems but this one works great.
Edward B.
The Simplicity System is just that. ``Simple`` As a trader if you have ever struggled with trading Forex and you need something to give you that edge up on the market with visual confirmation to get you in and out of the market with ease the SIMPLICITY indicator will do just that. It has really been a blessing and honor to use this indicator.
R. Spencer
I'm simply thankful that my journey has finally begun... I thank you. My wife thanks you. My 3 girls, and son thank you!
MY BEST WISHES TO UNCLE P, and to the friends and family that have supported his journey that's led him to US.
D. Martin

Typical Questions

Can I use it on multiple computers
Yes. As long as you use your license key on the same broker accounts.
Does this method work for position trades, swing trades, day trades...?
Works for most trading styles
What session does this system work best on?
All sessions.
Does this work on other platforms other than the MT4?
No. The program is designed for the standard MT4 trading platform.
Does this system repaint?
Our unique Algorithmic trading system provides a unique Relocation Vs. Repainting Built In Back Testing Dot. Our Algorithmic Trading System Has A Unique Feature Called The “Evidence Dot” Which Displays A Dot If The Arrows Relocate Their Position To A New Location. With Repainting Or Predictive Indicators, There Is No Evidence Of Their Last Location On The Charts. This Also Serves As A Great Back Testing Tool As Well. Great News. You can remove the arrows and the dot and the system can be 100% customized to operate as a non-repaint system.
What is the cost and what comes with the system
You will receive:

1) The “Simplicity” trading system
2) Access to our private member Telegram group
3) Step by Step video tutorials.
4) Access to Uncle-P's ``LIVE CLASSES`` (The class schedule will be available in the printouts section of the tutorial program in the manual)
5) Trade Tracking Journal
6) High Impact News Event List
7) Price Action Pattern Guide
8) Chart Patterns Guide

All for only a one time cost of $299 + tax. For 2 licenses

Note: Additional license keys after your initial purchase will cost $149 each. There is no limit to how many additional license keys you can purchase after the initial purchase.
Since your license keys are created based on your broker’s account number you can use it on as many devices that you are using that broker and its account number on.

Can this system work on Mac Computers?
Yes. However, you may have to use adaptive programs such as Parallel, Bootcamp, or utilize a VPS (Virtual Private Server).